I’m just as Guilty…

So, today, I’m in the office and our manager is talking about doing the work and how easy it is to say you’re doing the work, but you’re actually doing nothing, wasting time, just focused on something that isn’t the work.

You’re wanting to lose weight and you’re eating donuts, chips, and whatever other gooey, creamy, tempting concoction that you can come up with… You’re wanting to make money (very guilty of this) and focused on activities that just are not going to move the needle, busy work, or just plain goofing off. You’re planning on writing a motivational blog and posting at least every 3 days and two months go by with nothing.

I promised myself earlier this year that I would have a minimum of 30 posts on this blog by this point and I’m not even close! I have one month left in this quarter. Come back and see what I come up with. You may just find something that helps you move towards achieving your goals for the year. I’m going to be talking about this in the days to come, just a little a time because I have to get to work!

Best wishes,

Stephen Guillen

Good Pizza Takes Time…

Yours will be done in minutes! I remember seeing that sign every time I went in to my favorite pizza parlor. I was thinking about how to start this new year and what I came to was very simple. As we move forward towards our goals, what often happens is that we lose momentum. You say you’re going to lose weight, start exercising regularly, go the gym… The gyms are packed in January, but what happens in February, in April, and beyond? People lose their momentum. They give up. That’s what most of us will do, except for we few, we precious few oddballs.

What’s different? Why did we continue when others stopped? This month I want to focus on why we continue and how to continue through the struggles and demands of 2019. I hope you make the decision to join me.

Losing Weight is Like Building Wealth:

One of my coaches was talking about becoming wealthy. I remembered how another speaker once said how losing weight and becoming rich require a similar skill set, more specifically mindset. This year one of my goals is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels so that I can stop taking insulin. Part of challenge is simple, DONUTS! CORN CHIPS! AND COOKIES! OH MY 🙂 I love my donuts, but every time I eat one or two, I’m guaranteed to spike my blood sugar, the same holds true with chips, any type of flour based carb. I have a friend who says he can’t resist chips. Frankly, willpower is not going to get you there. I totally understand why he has so much trouble.

What’s the solution? It’s actually pretty simple, but not necessarily obvious. You don’t start with exercise or diet to lose weight. It starts as an idea, a decision, a necessity in many cases. What it takes to be successful is a solid foundation to work from so that when those temptations arise, you don’t need the willpower. You have something stronger. HABITS And MINDSET.

Tony Robbins wrote a book called Awaken the Giant Within. In it he talks about how change happens in a moment. In fact, change isn’t difficult. The challenge and what takes time is building the foundation to make the changes you want to see happen in your life. He says that the key is making the decision to change. Often the decision we make is just wishful thinking.

To move forward, we need to be specific with the step that follows that decision, your GOALS. Not only do you need to be specific. It’s not just I’m going to lose weight, but I’m going to weigh 185 lbs. and then you need to develop the compelling “Why” that’s going to take to 185 lbs. It’s probably more than one why. My “whys” include being able to get off insulin, having more years to spend with my wife, playing basketball with my son and being able to keep up with a 10 year old in my 50s and beyond. They include looking good for my wife and feeling good about how I look in general. I want to continue to be active in my 60s. I don’t buy in to what most of my friends say about getting old – it means slowing down, being in pain, being sick. Okay, maybe the slowing down part is good. I definitely want to be able to slow down, but I want it to be a choice! What I’m saying is after you set the specific goals, you need reasons that are going to pull you through when you want to quit, when you want to sleep in instead of going to the gym, when that cream filled, deep fried, doughy tempter is calling out to you…

Decision >> Goals >> Plan>>
After you decide to lose weight, you set your goals, and determine why you want to achieve them, it’s time to plan. For weight loss, I focus on diet over exercise. The exercise is important, and you can definitely lose a lot of weight doing a lot of exercise, but shedding the pounds will happen quicker if you focus on what your eating. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to starve. Diets that focus on Keto and eating healthy carbs are going to get you there that much quicker. You’ll find that if you’re eating a sensible diet, you’ll have more energy to do all the exercise you want to do and more. The reason I focus a lot on diet is that I’m getting older. Could I do more exercise? Of course! At my age, there’s a better chance I’ll hurt myself if I exercise too much or, more specifically, too hard.

Decision >> Goals >> Plan>> Action

The last and most critical part is taking action. I don’t know how many times I made the decision, set the goals, made the plan, and then…??? Nothing! I didn’t take action. There’s a lot of us in the same boat. Are you ready for a very different 2019? The actions don’t have to be big to start with. They can be so simple and easy in the beginning, people laugh when they see what you’re up to. Let them laugh. Starting by walking to the end the block on your street, then going a little farther could lead to your first 5K run. Removing one grain of sugar from the tablespoon you add to your coffee could help you stop eating sugar over the course of a year. Jim Rohn talked about getting healthy by eating one apple a day, he would say, “You’ve heard people say that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. What if it were true? Wouldn’t that be easy to do – eat one apple a day? What if you decided to replace going to McDonald’s with eating a healthy snack like an apple? What would one small change make in your life? Think on it.

You make a decision. You lay a solid foundation with simple sustainable changes that can have major impact as you build momentum. You set your goals, your reasons why, then determine a plan. That plan doesn’t have to be perfect. Just think about Microsoft when they release new software. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to get started. You got to take action.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.

Stephen Guillen