No News Is Good News:

I don’t really follow the “News.”  It makes for a much better day. The idea is so simple. It goes back to the idea that is posed in so many places – As a Man Thinketh, GIGO, being careful to put positive things in your mind.  Take a day off from the “News,” specifically, bad news.

With the way the “News” is, it’s pretty easy to not watch. If you ask me what happened today, that’s relatively easy to answer. Some good things happened. Some bad things happened, and the world didn’t end. The beauty of skipping being informed for a day or so is that it gives you a chance, if you choose to take it, to see what positive, amazing things are happening in the world! It used to be that the focus of our news was more balanced, but pain sells.

Take a day off, or a weekend off. If anything truly important happens, someone will be more than willing to share on Monday.

That being said the other part of this is that nature abhors a vacuum. Take the time to read a positive message. The Bible is usually where I start. I’ll listen to sermons on the radio from pastors like Tony Evans, Alistair Begg, and David Jerimiah. However, there are so many other books, audio, movies, videos… that you could read, listen to, or watch. What is it that excites you? Do you enjoy audio books? Try, LibriVox, or Audiobooks Now. What comedians do you like? Check out Dry Bar Comedy on YouTube for some good laughs, a positive movie, music, or maybe listen to Tony Robbins or Brendan Burchard for an encouraging message.

The point is to find something positive to pour in to your life and eliminate some of the negative. Focusing on the positive won’t necessarily make life better, but it will help put a smile on your face and give you some sense of balance and, maybe, a stronger sense of peace and purpose.

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